Tricks for Turning*


Today I whipped up another little Bunny.  This little golden rabbit is for a new baby, who was born back in December.  As her family was moving house, I held off on sending a present – one more thing to pack.  Now they are settled and so here she is.

While I was at it I thought I would take a few shots to share a craft hack.

This is how I turn the bunny pieces right side out.  For this trick I use a small paintbrush, and the empty barrel of a “Twistable” crayon.  I’ll show you how it is done with a tiny ear of the bunny.


When I am sewing up my little softies, I always make the stitch length on my machine a little smaller, and I start sewing a little way away from the turning gap.  I sew back towards the gap and then away again, which means there are no thread tails at the turning gap to loosen as the piece is turned.  Before turning I also clip all the curves and cut off the points.


So firstly I place the empty barrel inside one of the pieces.


Taking the pointy wooden end of the small paintbrush in the other hand, I push the pointy end of the fabric ear into the empty barrel as far as I can.


Next I take the ear off the barrel.  Now that it is started, it is really easy to turn with the paintbrush.  I run the paintbrush around the seams of the entire ear and it is done.


Here ends the craft hack!

There is a little more to go with this bunny, a very small quilt to cover it up, but it is still a WIP.


I am not sure about it.  Now, in this photo, it is looking a little “towelish”.  I will give it a fresh look in the morning, perhaps it will have lost that towel look.  Stay tuned.

*Not  Turning Tricks

2 thoughts on “Tricks for Turning*

  1. So Sweet! Love the “Craft Hack”. Wish you had posted a day ealier I just spent last night trying to turn out arms and legs with the usual knitting needle! lol.
    Cute for easter too!

  2. Hehehe. Turning tricks wouldn’t be so appropriate!
    I love your ‘craft hack’ I’m sure I could find a use for that (now to find something can use instead of the empty twistable crayon!).


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