Baby Boom


I have actually started and completed 2 small projects this week.

We seem to be in the middle of a baby boom amongst friends and colleagues at the moment.  These two tees are small presents for two new babies (from two families, not twins).  Both feature the envelope necks that are so handy when dressing a tiny babe.  I just added circles of favourite fabrics using the basic needle turn method.  In fact those circles are just traced from the bottom of our drinking glasses.  The froggy fabric is from Purl Patchwork in NYC from my visit in 2007.  As it is actually Japanese fabric, and the top is made in China, it is really an international piece of couture!   The blossom fabric on the right is fabric inspired by Japanese design, but it is actually from the extremely exotic Spotlight store (he he he).


The last few days have been full of rain.  Mostly light rain, but blessed rain none the less.  A few days back there was a window of opportunity to prewash some of my hand dyed fabric, (purchased that way – not dyed by me).  I must admit that I don’t prewash my fabric unless it is going to be put through a lot of washing, (say in an apron) or I am really concerned about the colour (say a dark red used next to a white).  This dyed fabric did not loose much colour when it was washed, only the darkest few lost a little, which was good.

If you are wondering what you are actually looking at, it is not a line full of scraps of fabric blowing in the breeze, but a sunset.  Oh, and the sun.  Can you see it?

Do you prewash?

3 thoughts on “Baby Boom

  1. I do see it! What a gorgeous idea, is it going to be a quilt? With regard to pre-washing, like you I only do it if it’s a dark colour that I think might run. Otherwise, I’m far too lazy (and impatient!)

  2. I am not a prewasher, too busy cutting and sewing. I have not had any bad experiences to date. Love the sunset, and the baby tees, how simple and sweet.

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