Friends from all over


This is Rufus, another furry friend that is with us at the moment, but this one is just visiting.  Rufus is the class mascot and it is Rory’s turn to bring him home.  I have never come across a class mascot before, but the idea is that Rory has to write about all the things he does with Rufus  in a special diary.  We had fun the other night coming up with bizarre things that Rufus could do (with perhaps a little help from photoshop).  Meanwhile, he is just hanging about, taking up half the couch.


The other morning there was a knock at the door, a package had arrived for me from Rachel.  I sent Rachel a few things a little while back with the pegs from my giveaway.  On request I provided December’s Homespun, which included my Spacewalk Quilt, for a swap.  Rachel has not only sent a magazine, she sent two, and lots of little goodies, and best of all, fabric.  It was such a lovely pick me up.  Thanks so much Rachel – it is so nice to have friends from in the computer.


Today I have been playing with paper circles again, working on a new project.  I really enjoy working this way – mocking up a project with paper in full scale.   It helps me really visualise possible designs.  Do you ever get out the coloured paper and the scissors – it is so much fun?

2 thoughts on “Friends from all over

  1. our Kindy class has a toy dog that went home with someone last weekend – and got left out in the rain! It spent the rest of the week being hung by its ears to dry out! 🙂

    I’m sure Rory’s taken much better care of his mascot 🙂

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