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Tonight’s sunset was lovely, yet not far from here (about 30 minutes away) there are those who have lost their lives, and many that have lost their homes.  The colours in the sky were surely created, in part, by the clouds of smoke  hanging over Melbourne.

Yesterday the mercury reached 46.3 degrees C (115.3 F) here in our suburb, and Melbourne recorded its highest temperature since records began 150 years ago.  At least 84 people perished as major fires burned across the state in a day worse than Ash Wednesday.  The death toll is expected to rise as more victims are found. Over 750 homes have been destroyed.  Some fires still burn.

The Red Cross is calling for donations to help fund emergency relief for victims, meals for fire fighters and emergency personnel and many other relief work.

You can donate to The Bushfire Appeal Fund by calling 1800 811 700

Burns victims require blood over many months.  The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is encouraging people to donate blood.  People should call 13 14 95 during Monday to Friday to make an appointment.

10th Feb, Edited to Add:

The death toll has risen to 173, but is expected to rise as more burnt out homes are searched. There are fire fronts that are still active, the threat has not passed even though it is cooler.  The Salvation Army has a donation site that has links for donations from outside of Australia.

This is very close to home, metaphorically and physically.  Close friends have lost members of their extended family. Friends children have lost classmates.

6 thoughts on “Hard to put into words

  1. Hi Claire, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. Hard to believe isn’t it, all this devastation? I love the name of your blog – and very noticably, the GREEN grass! Not much left like that in Victoria eh? I like the sound of your quilters guild – I spent my first 15 years in Diamond Creek. Cheers, MissyP.

  2. hey Claire, so many people are affected as you say. I have several friends in kinglake who have lost their homes and loved ones.
    I am so saddened by this disaster and hope that I can help my friends and the many others who I dont know.
    The response of everyone has been wonderful with donations of all kinds. I know that our guild will offer their community quilts to comfort those who have lost so much.

  3. Most people I speak to have had this impact on them in some way. I’m glad that none of my family has been directly affected.
    on top of the links you have provided I would also like to say that if anybody wishes to offer their time you can register on http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org

    Best wishes and sympathy to your friends

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