Warning – This post contains excessive cuteness.


20090206-michaelainapronThis morning Michaela and I went to Kynan’s 3rd Birthday Party.  Kynan is the 5th child in his family, and the only one that didn’t already have an apron (made by me).

Yesterday I whipped him up a pirate-map and coin fabric apron, made entirely from my stash.

At the party there was a travelling farmyard full of baby animals, for the kids to pat and hold.

Michaela got up close and personal with Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Chicks, but kept the other animals at arms distance.




Kynan had a lovely farmyard cake.  Thank for inviting us Kynan, we had a lovely time.


After the party, Michaela was so tired that she had to retire to a custom cubby house, (made of quilts of course) with her brand new bunny, from the party.  She has named him Albert after the large white rabbit at the party (and not Kynan’s Grandpa – who is also Albert).  Funny thing was that the bunny at the party was actually a girl – I wonder what Michaela’s Albert is?


Next post I promise to tell you more about Loch.

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