Tracey, in Queensland, was telling us about the copious amounts of rain yesterday when I left the following comment…

I am so jealous. Can you bottle some and send it down to Melbourne.  We are expecting 44 degrees C today (111.2 F), and 43 tomorrow.

Yesterday (43 degrees C) the train tracks buckled in the heat and they were using our precious water to hose down the tracks. In our suburb, which is near a weather station, it has only rained once this January, on the 2nd. We got all of 0.8mm rain.

Last night was the third hottest night on record, and this week is being billed as Melbourne’s hottest week for the century.  Global Warming – I think so.  Actually I am really glad to hear that somewhere is getting rain, it’s kind of scary down here. Perhaps you could send me your laundry, and some water to wash it in – I will get it dry in a jiffy!


Last night most of the family slept in our small lounge room, which has an air conditioner – we have never had it on overnight before.  Tonight we are setting up the lounge room like a tent with a bed for everyone.

Tomorrow I escape to the small town of Loch (that is a view of the countryside around the town, at the top of the post) for the Quilt Hanging on Sunday – Saturday is the quilt-shop-a-thon at all the shops along the way.  I am feeling very guilty to be leaving the family in such a hot little house, all grumpy and tired.

Before the heat spell, the kids were playing a lot of “swirly tennis” aka totem tennis.  Perhaps they have been playing too much – the bats were not up to challenge.

I’ll post again soon with some lovely quilt shots from the Hanging, and hopefully it will be cooler, and life will return to normal (and we will all return to sleep in our own rooms).

4 thoughts on “HOT

  1. How is your grass green Claire? Is it real?! I’ve been watching my garden sadly fall to pieces this week. Will be out tomorrow morning on our designated watering day, but I think certain plants will be beyond salvation 🙁 At least the kids weren’t back to school *this* week!

  2. Man, that is hot! I wilt if it goes over 25C. I really hope you get some cooler weather soon (maybe I could package up some of our frosty weather and send it over?) Have fun on your quilty weekend!

  3. Oh my, Claire. 111% !!! It seems we are experiencing opposite ends of the extreme weather spectrum as I continue to chip away at the ice on my front walkway this morning. Strange days indeed. Stay cool!

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