Cuppa? Or Perhaps a Matching Game?

So here is a look at my latest Work In Progress.  It is going to be a Baltimore-Bride style cushion cover, featuring flowers, a doily, a teapot and eventually some butterflies.  I’m calling it “Tea in the Garden”.  I’ve been using that pile of fabric, from a few posts back.  I am doing it using the tradition Needle Turn Method – I just mark the stitching lines on the applique fabrics and start turning/sewing – no basting, fusing, gluing or freezer paper involved.  Simple.

Here is something that I just had to share with you, and it revolves around pegs (or clothespins actually, as it is from the USA).

It is a game called Clothespins, made by Briarpatch, and the kids love playing it.  It is easy enough for Amelia and Rory to play it without needing adult help all the time (hello Monopoly) and quick enough that if someone gets sick of playing, they can finish without stopping in the middle of play.  Funnily enough, it is all about matching, but in this case it is the clothes, rather than the pegs.  It gets the Matching Pegs seal of approval as a great school holiday game.

What was your favourite childhood game?  Mine was “The Amazing Labyrinth”, but I must admit that we probably didn’t get it until I was about 12.

2 thoughts on “Cuppa? Or Perhaps a Matching Game?

  1. Your applique looks lovely!! I have never had much of a go at needle turn applique, but I really must try some one day!!! Guess who and Trouble are the current games with my two youngsters but when I was child I just LOVED “the game of life”!! I could have played it all day every day! Hey, I think I could go a game now!!

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