Here are two pieces of work that are inspiring me at the moment.  I have put them back into circulation and they are above the dresser at the foot of our bed.

The Door Into The Garden – Grace Cossington Smith 1892-1984.

I just love the use of colour in this one, in fact it is full of colours that I love to use throughout my house. Grace Cossington Smith was instrumental in introducing postmodernism to Australia.  Probably her most widely recognised piece of work is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction, called “The Bridge in Curve”.

Girl With Cigarette – Agnes Goodsir 1865–1939

Not much is know about Agnes Goodsir, but I did manage to find this little profile on the web.  I just love this portrait, (even though I wish cigarettes were not involved).  Unfortunately, you can’t really see the colours correctly in this shot – have a peek here for a more accurate depiction, thanks to the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Both are prints which I fell in love with, and purchased from the Bendigo Art Gallery years ago.  Because I did not have enough money to have them framed, I had them laminated at the University print shop – a move that allowed me to decorate our rental on the cheap, all those years ago.

Here is a little more decorating on the cheap.  That sad looking picture above the bed is what is going to be replaced by my new painting, when it is completed.  The roses are actually 5 pages from an old calendar, attached to a large piece of cardboard (Which came off some Billy shelves from IKEA) with spray adhesive.

Actually, using prints from calendars is a really good way to get a collection of matching prints you can frame for not much money.  Michaela’s room has three framed prints from a calendar based on the illustrations from The Illustrated “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe“.  The illustrations are by Christian Birmingham, who does lovely work.  If she was not tucked up in bed asleep, then I would take a photo for you, but you will have to follow the links instead.

What are your cheap decorating tricks?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I adore Grace Cossington-Smith! History Boy and I went to see an exhibit at the NSW gallery a few years ago ( We didn’t really know anything about her before we went, but both fell in love! (I’ve posted some other pics here:
    We went to the new National Portrait Gallery yesterday – if ever you come to Canberra, it’s a must see! (Much more so than the National Gallery across the road.) One of the artworks was a Cossington-Smith self-portrait. (Right next to a photograph of Margaret Preston.)

    I have huge difficulties throwing out calendars – mainly because I think that I can/should use the images for another purpose!

  2. Hi Claire 🙂 Here are two decorating ideas… One is to use cool twigs or small branches, or great pieces of driftwood from the beach as wall art. Very organic and beautiful and I love the way they have looked on my walls. I have a sister-in-law who uses small but sturdy branches to hang on the wall to hold other things like necklaces, silk scarves, etc. The other idea has been to stretch fabric over canvas stretcher bars to make a wall hanging. I have stretched my own canvases from time to time and so I have always had extra bars laying around and a staple gun and stretching pliers. This idea is so flexible because you can make this item to fit any space you have in your home, large or small. Just choose the size stretcher bars you need and pick out a beautiful fabric that you want in your space and get to stretching and stapling 🙂

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