The other evening I painted it in the daylight, after the kids had gone to bed (thank-you daylight savings).  It was hard to capture in this photo, but the background has quite a bit of texture, thanks to a few layers, topped by some white I rubbed on to give it a kind of chalky finish.

I started painting the flowers, but at least one of the colours that I used is a bit muddy.  Never mind, I will paint over it, just as soon as I can buy some more white paint to mix up just the right colour.

It has been pretty hot here in Melbourne the last two days – we have been inside, hiding out from the heat.  As I type this, the kids are in the hallway, (with all the doors closed) bouncing the rubber balls that they were given for Christmas.  It sounds like I have a mob of kangaroos in the house, jumping up and down.  Bring on some cooler weather so we can run off some energy at the park tomorrow!

How do you keep your kids amused inside, in the stinking heat/bitter cold?

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. The painting is looking lovely Claire. Along with the heat we’ve had insomnia (me) and a touch of gastro (the boy), so tempers are a little short around here. But we’re doing a lot of hanging out inside under the cooling vents, story-reading and puzzle-doing, and have the same plans for the park tomorrow. Thank goodness Melbourne offers weather for all types 🙂

  2. I LOVE how your picture is looking! Such a seemingly simple design, but so striking, and the background looks gorgeous (it looks purple on my computer, is it?). It is bitterly cold here in the UK, so we are also staying indoors as much as possible. Unfortunately, this inevitably means rather a lot of Wii play for the boys, but broken up with some Lego construction (with a 5 year age gap, these are pretty much the only things they can play together!)

  3. I’m surprised that you haven’t lost a light fitting to those balls yet.

    What colour are you planning for the ‘dots’ in the centre of the flowers?

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