“Circles” – Quilted, Bound and Done

Some people can whip up a quilt in a weekend, or possibly even a day, but I am not one of those people.  This is one of the quickest quilts I have completed, and it has taken me exactly a month.  I had help.

My good friend Debbie quilted some sections of the quilt with a pattern of stars, and the spotty section with swirls.  I hand quilted the circles with embroidery floss, sprinkling them with more circles of their own.  I had intended to quilt them with concentric circles, but was not sure I had the time to quilt these as carefully as I would have needed to.

This is the back, which is mainly homespun, but cut with a section of scraps from the front.  I am really pleased with it.  The orange embroidery floss shows up as little running-stitch circles on the back which is also an effect I quite like.

I decided against adding a separate label, instead I chose a section  of the lightest “stripe” across the back to write directly onto.  If you can read it, you will notice that this quilt if for a brand new nephew, Benjamin Lewis “Matching-Peg”, who was born last month.  I had hoped to finish this by Christmas Day, when we first met the newest member of the clan.  Sadly I had to show the quilt to his mother as an almost finished work in progress.

Because I was running late on this quilt, I got to sew the binding on in the daylight hours, at a most pleasant venue – the local park.  In the background you can just make out the other members of the Matching Pegs household, including the littlest one, on her new bike – which comes with a handy steering handle.

So this quilt is my last project for 2008 – a most productive year.  What was your last project finished in 2008?

For all of you out there who are going to see in the new year with festivities – I hope you have a safe, sparkly and happy evening – and a wonderfully creative 2009.

4 thoughts on ““Circles” – Quilted, Bound and Done

  1. It’s lovely!

    I’m decidedly un-projected at this point in time. (Unless you count the school timetable, which I wrote with my Head Teacher.) I sewed a couple of Christmas decorations with the sewing machine that I got for my birthday early this month. I did them without a pattern though, so they were a little dodgy!

    One HB goes back to work (and I shake this damned cough) I’m hoping to sew a couple of bags, following patterns I have. I also got “Quilting for Dummies” for Christmas, and would like to have a go at some things in that 🙂

    Happy new year!

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