Merry Christmas

Christmas festivities seemed to up and swallow my life way before I expected it.  All is well, but what should be the last 3 or 4 posts is going to be condensed into this one post – and I hope I am a lot less wordy than usual!

The angels you see hanging out in the shrubbery are the n@ked ladies from a few posts back, now with clothes, wings and hair. I made these little ladies for the kids’ teachers and Amelia and Rory had a great time writing a thank-you message on the doll bodies, under the clothes.

I was out of my usual wool for making the hair so I borrowed some from a friend with an impressive stash of textured brown (thanks Debbie).

The usual style was not going to cut it, so I tried crocheting little hair “caps” which I shaped and sewed on.

I think these are angels with mullets – perhaps they are secretly into heavy metal rock from the 80’s.

Another small project that is on its way to a new home is this little summer onesie (so much easier to type than envelope-necked, singlet top with snaps) which I needle-turned a heart onto.  I sewed it twice around to be sure, to be sure, as I know it will probably end up in the wash a fair bit.  Such a quick little present – do you like the matching pegs?

Tonight we started the official family Christmas festivities, with Christmas eve dinner with my side of the family.  Tomorrow (actually today) we take off for festivities in the country with the other side of the family.  I am taking a blogging break for the next week, but I will be back in action before NYE.

I hope you all have a Happy, Safe, Relaxing Christmas with the people that you love.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Claire, and to your beautiful family 🙂

    I hope Santa was good to everyone!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures and being inspired by your wonderful crafts in 2009 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Claire and family! It’s so funny looking at your photos and now knowing what you and your little ones sound and look like in real life! Wishing you a wonderful New Year full of love and marvellous opportunities, lily xxx

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