Visitors and Drama

Life has been moving at full tilt here in the Matching Pegs household, as we move on towards the end of the school year, and Christmas.  We have had lots of visitors, both human and avian, and several dramatic events.  The past week included a car accident (single car) out the front of our home, which would have resulted in a car in our bedroom, if there was not a crash barrier on the nature strip.  The occupant was not injured, but was clearly suffering the effects of drugs or alcohol, and rapidly drove off in a barely drivable car – despite offers of assistance.

On this Saturday past, the wettest day of the year, there was a large fire in a house in the street behind us.  There was so much smoke (you could hardly see the back fence of our place) that I started to get pretty nervous about the precise location of the fire.  I would have guessed it was only about three houses away (it was more like 10).  I keep thinking about the people that live there.  I don’t know much about them, but I know that they were not home, and the fire was electrical.  It turns out a friend of ours saw the flames, stopped his car and called the fire brigade.  From the look of the house and the amount of smoke I would imagine that they have lost pretty much everything.  It would be so devastating.  I keep imaging that it might have been Christmas Tree lights, and  I am glad we do not have any.

On a cheerier note, here are some of our avian visitors.

The Rainbow Lorikeets are frequent visitors, especially while the prunus is covered in fruit.

We also have a lot of noisier visitors……….

One of our human visitors was a friend of mine from school, who I had not seen in about 10 years.  It was great to catch up and meet her brand new baby.  I whipped up another bunny for baby Charlotte, (see top photo) slightly larger than the first.  As soon as Michaela saw it she asked to have one for her in green.  Instead of making more softie friends for Michaela, I have been sewing Christmas bits and pieces, including these little present bags – my alternative to wrapping paper.

None of the kids are getting enough sleep as Christmas excitement reaches fever pitch.  We have seen every stalling tactic in the book at bed time this week.  Michaela is so wrung out from the pre-Christmas excitement that she fell asleep under her bed the other afternoon – I felt like going in there to join her.

How is your family coping with the pre-Christmas excitement?

6 thoughts on “Visitors and Drama

  1. goodness me – what a week! the accident would have been alarming enough – and would have made me cross, I cannot bear that kind of anti-social behaviour. But the fire would have been frightening – one of those moments when you could feel quite impotent – I’d have wanted to pick my house up and scamper off down the street! But the softies are lovely as are your bags and doesn’t Michaela look a treat under the bed!

  2. Hi Claire,
    I finally got around to having a sticky at matching pegs. Wow! You are one busy woman. It is realy wonderful.
    I haven’t put any Chrissy decorations up yet………… there is always the weekend. I made my first quilt the other week and donated it to the day care centre around the corner. I really enjoyed doing it actually and am thinking I might make another………………….. what sort of sewing machine would you recommend buying?
    Love, George

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