Getting into the Christmas Mood

Thank-you so much for all the lovely comments about my quilt, the whole experience has been quite a thrill.  I am not sure when I will ever get the time to write up some more patterns for my things, but it is definitely something I would love to do.  All I really need is a housework/dinner/washing and homework fairy, and I will design up a storm.

Today I decided that it was high time to start getting ready for Christmas – after all, Rory has been practicing his narration for the prep Christmas concert for about a month now.

The kids have been hounding me for some time to decorate the outside of our house for Christmas, (to keep up with one of the neighbours).  While I am not really into the whole flashing lights thing, (or large blow -ups of the big man in red) I thought I had an achievable idea to try.  Thing is, I am not really sure I pulled it off.

I bought some purple tissue paper, and florists wire to make Pom-Poms to hang out under our front verandah. I have made these pom-poms before, they remind me of our red geraniums, which flower in ball shaped clusters.  I chose purple because it was the regal colour associated with the baby Jesus, and also because it would show up well against the red brickwork, and the green plants.

I know the paper in these photos looks blue, sadly it is not a photographic trick or a problem with the colour settings on your monitor – once I separated the layers of paper (which were labeled purple, and looked purple in the pack) it turned out they were, in fact, blue.  Not a Christmas colour at all.

But I digress, I made 9 different Pom Poms following Martha’s helpful instructions, and hung them from the beams of the front verandah.

They look quite nice swinging in the breeze, even if they are distributed in a slightly lop sided manner – I didn’t want the ones on the edge to hang too low, where they could get wet from some occasional rain – however, they do not look Christmassy, in any way at all.

Something that will look Christmassy is my Christmas Angels that I am making to give to the kid’s teachers at the end of the school year (in two weeks time).  I cut them out yesterday, and now I need to start working the child labourers, and get them stuffing the small bodies and limbs.

Finally, here is a purple that really is regal, an Ivy Pelargonium called “Royal Night”.  I have been on the hunt for a nice purple “geranium” for a while, and I was very happy to see this one at the nursery today.  This one has a cascading form, that is suited to hanging baskets and window boxes.  Perhaps I will hang it up in a basket on our front verandah, and then something out there will be purple.

2 thoughts on “Getting into the Christmas Mood

  1. How lovely angels! Your pelargonium is so beautiful! Great colour! You have also made nice decorations on verandah!!!

  2. G’day I’m new to your blog & it sure looks like I’ll be back … I do hope you bought that divine purple geranium … I don’t seem to have a great deal of luck with the ivy ones but I do love them … love the Christmas Angel too – what lucky teachers. I was fascinated by your pom poms – I used to make these into flowers & at one stage we could get rainbow tissue – or added different colours – we would have a glass flaggon [yes before cardboard casks] full of these flowers … ohhh what a statement they were … Sorry this is so long but had to also comment on your blog name … it took me a while but one day I realised my hubby who so lovingly does the washing hangs it out with matching pegs he even places the pegs in the basket in a matching order … would you say you were that obessive … ha ha … OOroo … Bethel

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