Published at last – Spacewalk Quilt

Today I opened my letterbox and realised the day had finally come – My quilt has been published!

Homespun Number 67, Volume 9 Number 12 is “The Kids Issue” and features my Spacewalk Quilt, that I made over 4 years ago, for Rory’s second birthday.  When I designed it, I wanted a quilt that would not become to young for him in no time at all – I thought a Space theme might age with him well, and it has.

I am in some wonderful company in this issue, as there are several other blogger’s projects featured.  Tiel from tsk tsk has a lovely log cabin quilt in pinks and greens, Leslie of onegirl has a Fleur Play mat, and Fiona of Hop Skip Jump has one of her fantastic giraffe’s, as well as a short feature on her.  Last but not least, Megan (who is 9), the talented daughter of Kellie of Don’t Look Now fame is shortlisted in the Young Designer of the Year Competition (Which Amelia won a category of last year).  Of course there are some other lovely projects in the issue as well, but I am more familiar with the work of the bloggers who I have been reading for ages.

So if you would like to make the little man in your life a spacy quilt (40 x 55 inches) then get yourself to a quality newsagents, purchase Homespun 9.12,  turn to page 54, and get sewing.

15 thoughts on “Published at last – Spacewalk Quilt

  1. Ha – I was just saying your circles looked like planets the other day – and here they are 🙂 I love the quilt Claire, it’s perfect. Congratulations on being published (and in fine company too – will have to pick up this issue I think).

  2. i have only now just managed to sit down and read the magazine in detail. whilst waiting for a script today I went to the news agency to mooch over some mags and happened to see this out. SO of course I bought it and then OF COURSE when I got home and checked the mail I found another copy waiting for me. Kind of forgot they would send me one!!! But it was fate that I have 2 because my son got upset tonight when he couldn’t see the pages properly when my daughter was looking at it. I solved that meltdown in a hurry!

    congrats on your lovely quilt Claire. My 6 year old son thought it was very cool. 🙂

  3. WOW, that quilt is AMAZING Claire!! I absolutely love it and I’m sure Joe would too. Congratulations on getting published! I don’t suppose you fancy a little international magazine swap do you? I will happily send you a UK title in return for a copy of your mag. Here’s hoping!

  4. Congratulations! Your quilt is beautiful and it’s wonderful that you’ve been published. You’re right, space works for a long time. Much longer than trains, trucks or cars.

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