Number two it is.

The circles are not actually sewn on at this stage, but I have used the miraculous Floriani Wet N Gone Fusible, to adhere them to the quilt, ready to be hand sewn on.  The method I have used gives you a smooth needle-turned edge, (I was not sure I would get a perfect circle with my usual needle-turn method).

Here is how it’s done.

You sew the Wet N Gone (WNG) to the circles, along your drawn line (the line you would normally needle-turn just under), the fusible side should be facing the right side of the fabric, and no gap should be left for turning.

After cutting out the circles with a 1/4 inch allowance, you clip the curves, making sure not to clip all the way to the sewn edge.

Next you pull the layers apart and cut a small slit through the WNG layer, in the centre.

Turn the circle the right way out through this slit.  Using a small, smoothly pointed object (such as a crochet hook, or the wrong end of a paintbrush), you push out all the seams to take up their perfect circle shape.

After finger pressing these shapes, you can press them onto the quilt background.  Now they can be “needle-turned” in place.  The first time the quilt is washed, the WNG just disintegrates and washes away.  Magic!

Now for something completely different.  Rory is enamoured with this look…..

If you would like to achieve this look too, all you have to do is place your whole face underwater, and draw it out carefully, allowing your hair to slick down on your forehead.  If Rory could find a way to make it stay like this, he would wear it this way all the time.

4 thoughts on “Circles

  1. Super clever idea, I like it. I may have to come up with something to sew circles on just so I can play with it!

    Might see you up at school today – Mum and I are going in to pick up Finn 🙂

  2. You’re so clever!
    They look great.

    When I used to swim, we’d do hairstyles like that. An advantage of being a girl was that after you pulled it all forward, you could flip your head back, and get a nice wave on top of your head – we called it Elvis hair 🙂
    Nice to see old traditions continue!
    (I reckon a lot of mousse would help Rory’s hair stay like that once out of the bath.)

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