Happy 60th Dad

This is my Dad back in 1976.  It was our second birthday I believe (I have a twin brother, Julian).  Back then Dad was 27 1/2 years old, and obviously going through a beardy stage.  I just love the whole 70’s look of this photo – the outfits, the colours, the tablecloth.

Today Dad turns 60, something I know he is not thrilled about, but it sure beats the alternative.

My Dad is a very generous man.  He cares deeply about his family, and has always worked very hard to provide for us all.  He feels strongly about social justice issues, and likes things to be fair – a trait that I have inherited, as has my eldest daughter for sure!  He helps out anyone that asks for his assistance.

He loves music, and loves to sing along with gusto – particularly to Gilbert and Sullivan.  We share a love of jazz, and much of my musical tastes have been influenced by him.

Dad I hope you have a great birthday, despite the number attached to it.

I love you, from your possum (the baby who would never sleep).

2 thoughts on “Happy 60th Dad

  1. Here I am finally commenting on your blog, Claire! I couldn’t resist, when I saw the photo of Julian aged 2… and he reminded me of a little Bruce. Photos from the 70s have such a distinctive feel to them.

    Happy birthday Uncle Colin 🙂

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