Still Crazy Round Here

This is a photo of my siblings and I, circa 1981.  That cute baby is my little sister Alison, who had a birthday on Monday.  We were too busy celebrating for me to write a post, and now I am too crazy busy, getting ready for our big holiday to write her the post she deserves.  Happy Birthday Alison, I love you.

We are all looking forward to sunny Queensland.  The kids are almost jumping out of their skins with the thought of flying on a plane.  Here is something that is tantalizingly, almost finished, but will not be coming on the plane – too big.

I just need to finish hand sewing on the binding, which will have to wait until we are back.

Something I will finish before I set off, is a flyer for a Christmas Carnival that I have been designing for my Church.

Here is a little Gingerbread Angel that features on it. I had lots of fun drawing up this one.

I got the latest issue of Homespun in the mail today.  On page 6, right at the bottom, where the editor talks about next month’s issue is a very interesting sentence about a newcomer to pattern design.  Me.

A quilt I designed for Rory, 4 years ago, is featured in December’s Kids Issue.  You will have to wait until next month to see what it is though.

I had hoped to have some patterns ready to sell by the time the quilt was published, but time has gotten away from me.  One day I hope to write up some patterns for the things I make, but not this week.  I have some serious relaxing to do.

I’ll be back in a week and a half.

5 thoughts on “Still Crazy Round Here

  1. Hi Claire,

    who’s that holding your sister? He looks alot like Rory!!

    Is this the first time your children have been on a plane??


  2. That’s a hoot! I was certain that was Rory holding the baby – and I was thinking poor Claire, she’s got visitors with a baby when she’s trying to get ready for her holiday! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday – and I cannot wait to get my copy of Homespun!

  3. Yes that little red skivvied, overall wearing person is me.

    It was slightly humiliating to be mistaken for a twin brother, when I was (and still am) in fact, a twin sister.
    This is one of the few photos we have of me with the short hair. I can tell why Mum had it cut like this, as Amelia’s hair is just as thick and prone to knot.
    This photo, and a few others, is Amelia’s argument for not having hair shorter than a chin length bob.

    I think it is kind of nice though, to be able to see such a strong family likeness. Rory was not so impressed to have this pointed out to him though.

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