Shopping, WIP and a giveaway……………

Whoa!  How did so many days pass without me posting, or even opening up the computer?

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that something I have done a lot of in the last few days is shop.  The beads above were for a dear friend, Leigh, for her birthday, which was on Tuesday.  She loves to make jewellery.  I had so much fun choosing them, (as much fun as choosing fabric) and I am sure she already knows what to make with them.  On my shopping trips I have bought birthday presents, anniversary presents, Christmas presents as well as a few items of clothing for the family.  Sadly I can’t show you any of that stuff, or I will spoil some surprises.

Here are some things that I can show you, Work In Progress.

Amelia and I have been making “Nesting Nellie and Her Girls”, designed by “Melly and Me” and featured in Issue 64 of Homespun Magazine.  As you can see we have only made 2 Girls so far, and they don’t have aprons or scarves yet.  It has been a lot of fun (especially choosing the fabrics – some from my stash, and some from Amelia’s), and Amelia has been learning a few new skills.

Last night I went to the North Of The Yarra Quilters Guild weekly sit and sew, (as I am now a fully paid up member) and this is what I was working on, more of “The Wish Quilt“…..

I am really enjoying this, despite the slow progress.  I know from my stats that lots of people come here after searching for Bronwyn Hayes red work on their search engines.  As a community service to anyone else that happens to be making “The Wish Quilt” (featured in Issues 62, 63 and 64 of Homespun, also known as Volume 9; numbers 7, 8 and 9) I thought I would let you know that there are some mistakes in the instructions.

My understanding is that corrections will be published in the next issue of Homespun to hit the shelves, but in the meantime, you can find a PDF here (If the link does not work, look here and scroll down to the bottom to find the link).  There are 2 pages of corrections, mainly related to trimming the stitcheries and assembling the blocks.  Luckily for me I am not up to making any blocks yet, as I am working at a snails pace, so I have not made any mistakes with construction.

Back to shopping.  While on one of my recent shopping expeditions I was drawn to the kikki.K store, which is full of Swedish style stationery.  I was very restrained, and only bought a very small, but completely irresistible item –  a container of tiny little pegs.

As I have never done one, I thought I would do a giveaway, and given the name of my blog, I thought these were a perfect prize.  To enter, all you have to do is tell me your favourite item of stationery.  Easy isn’t it.  If your number comes up in a random draw, I will send you a hand full of tiny peggy goodness (all matching of course) – but I will not send the little clear container as it is a little bulky.

So let me start the ball rolling.  My favourite items of stationery are calendars.

Today, after much deliberation – which is part of the fun – I bought this one.  It is called “The Art of Ornament, from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.”  I actually had the same one (with different plates) this year.

I spent a happy half hour this afternoon writing in all the birthdays and anniversaries for the year, a lovely, yearly ritual.  I still have to shade in all the school holidays and public holidays.

So what is your favourite piece of stationery?  I will draw the random name next Friday, Melbourne time, so you have a week.

While you compose you answer, enjoy this detail from January.  “Nasturtium” by Anna Martin 1897, from “Plants and Their Application to Ornament” by Eugene Grasset.

*Edited 1 Nov.  I had shown evidence of my poor spelling skills, which I have now remedied.  Stationery not Stationary!  Thanks Rebecca – it is just like lipstick on my teeth – I’m glad you let me know!

8 thoughts on “Shopping, WIP and a giveaway……………

  1. I adore kikki.k!

    I love the dream of being organised that stationery gives me. I’m kinda organised, but I have to work at it. Good stationery makes me believe that I could be organised without effort!

    I have two sets of mini-sharpies (one highlighter, one permanent marker) that I take to class sometimes. Each set hangs from it’s own keyring. My yr11 (actually, they’re ‘new year 12’) girls laugh at me when I bring them to class (we use them for note taking and to make summaries for the wall), but then bicker about who gets to use which colour. I think my mini-sharpies are my faves at the moment 😀

    those nesting dolls are so cute!

  2. My, you’ve been busy! I love stationery! I really like notebooks (I have rather a lot of them scattered around the house) but I think I would have to say my favourite item is notepaper – the kind that you can buy by the sheet. As a teenager I had lots of penfriends and I used to love browsing in Paperchase and choosing lots of different patterned papers and envelopes. Sadly, I rarely use notepaper any more in this age of email, but I still love looking at the lovely rainbow of coloured papers whenever I am in the stationers shop!

  3. I have actually been thinking about the art of letter writing alot lately. E-mail is fantastic but I have always loved the well written and sincere letter, full of the writers personality through thier handwriting, choice of stationary, and even the stamp! The envelope has to be one of my favorite parts. I have used rice paper envelopes and envelopes lined with all sorts of decorative papers. I have made my own from magazine pages and clip-art books. And I have enjoyed recieving and giving envelopes embellished with all kinds of hand-drawn illustrations and lettering.
    I love the tiny pegs!

  4. Hi, I found you through Peppermint Patcher. This is my first visit, and I’ve been reading through and really enjoying myself. A quick question… how big do you generally make your doll quilts? I recently made my first doll quilt (Barbie doll size) and it generated enormous discussion in the staff room where I work on whether it was too big/small/just right. (I have 4 teenage boys so Barbies are very thin on the ground here!)

    Stationary? A blank A4 notebook. All of the possibilities of poetry and fiction are ahead of me….

  5. Hi Claire,

    I didn’t realise you bought the pegs…or did you go back and buy them later.

    I love all stationary….I could roll in it like a pig in mud!!! One of my favourite stores to shop in is Office works.

    While there are lots of items I would like to purchase, the one that draws me the most are journals…..lovely cartridge paper, suitable for drawing or watercolour.

    I’ve spotted a few books on Amazon with ideas for creating your own art/quilt journals….can see some Xmas or Birthday present ideas for myself!!!


  6. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for the errors of the wish quilt, i started to put the blocks together today, and was very disappointed, as I don’t normally purchase the magazine i would not have found all these errors.
    Thanks again

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