What colours are you?

I quilted!  In free motion!

These Teddy Quilts are perfect for practicing quilting, as they are small, light and easy to move around.

Both Amelia and Rory’s quilts are “blog finished”, as the binding is attached, but only pinned to the back.  I can’t wait to finish them and wash the quilt basting spray out.  I love using the spray, as I don’t need pins, or to tape down the backing when laying out the quilt sandwich, (and it still doesn’t pucker).  However it does make the quilt feel a little stiff and has a slight smell, so I prefer to wash it out as soon as possible.

I managed to sew together the centre 1″ squares of Michaela’s Teddy Quilt which is in the same colour scheme as her baby quilt.

I tend to do that a bit, return to the same colour themes for particular people.

It might seem kind of strange, but I tend to associate people I know well, with certain colours.  It is not a synesthesia type thing, but it relates to my obsession with colour.

Amelia is buttery yellow, soft coral pink, aqua.  Rory is steely blue, dusty red, beige and orange.  Michaela is lavender, peach/apricot, soft warm browns.  All my kids are also fresh apple green.  I am warm red, kingfisher/peacock blue, watermelon, chocolate brown.  Luke is olive green, burnt orange, ochre.  I could go on, but I am sure most of you would find this boring, including my kids.  Does anyone else do this?  What colours would you be?

While you think about it, have a look at Michaela chauffeuring her teddy Maude (for whom the quilt is being made) around in her tricycle – just adorable, if I do say so myself.

4 thoughts on “What colours are you?

  1. Hi Clare how are you? Have you used the basting spray on a big quilt before? aAnd what brand did you use? I have tried it once and chickened out after only a short time and ended up pinning it anyway :(.
    They look beautiful by the way as does your daughter!!!! Isn\’t it nice to have sun hats out again!!!

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