Little Pieces of Happiness

I found this lovely eucalyptus leaf on the path, on the way home from school, and it was so beautiful that I just had to bring it with me.  It was not unique, there were quite a few of the same colour there on the ground, but this one just jumped into my field of view.  A lovely little piece of happiness.

Another lovely piece of happiness that came my way this week was being awarded my first blog award.  Rachel from Contented (over in the UK) awarded me with The “Proximidade” or “Friendship around the World” award.  What a surprise, thank-you so much Rachel. The award is for blogs that are special in some way and extend the hand of friendship around the world.  I have to pass this on to eight of my favourite blogs, and ask that they do the same.

I found 8 blogs a little hard.  So many of my favourite blogs are much awarded, (because they have so many readers), and it feels like guilding the lily to award them some more.  I have picked just 4 of the blogs that I read almost daily…….Block a Day, emzeegee and the hungry three, Peppermint Patcher and Whippet Good.  Thank you to each of you for helping to feed my blog habit – inspiring, amusing and connecting with me.

Today I managed to hang my recently finished quilt (are you sick of it yet) and here is a little before and after to show you.

If only I could “before and after” the ugly, dark brown air conditioning unit you can see peeking in on the left of shot.  Getting through summer would be pretty hard without it though.

I found two forgotten pieces of happiness yesterday as I was attempting to declutter, (watching a show about hoarders will do that to you) and I put them out into the sunlight today to show you.

Two mini quilts that I was making for the kids (to match their teddies) 18 months ago (there was to be 3 – I also have one in pieces for Michaela).

The kids helped me choose the fabric.  They are yet to be quilted; perhaps I will practice free motion quilting on them.

4 thoughts on “Little Pieces of Happiness

  1. Why, thank you! It is lovely to think of you visiting me regularly.

    Your quilt looks stunning above the mantle and I definitely think you should practice your machine quilting on those little quilts. Watch out though – it is addictive!

  2. Thanks so much Claire for the award! it is my first – yay! It is a great incentive to keep keeping on. I love your quilt on the wall – it goes really well with the wooden picture frames on the mantle, and the size is perfect.

  3. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the award! I feel honoured … but now you need to decide if on your blogroll I fit under “crafty blogs” or “other interesting blogs” because now I think I qualify for both! 🙂

    …and I ADORE that beautiful mantel quilt, as not only is it beautifully made but also fits in so well with all the family pictures, etc. The size is also perfect for that space.


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