Here is “label girl”, who is now safely attached to the back of my quilt, (which is finished, bar the hanging).

I gave her hair like Michaela.

All up she only took me an hour.  How I love needle turn applique.  I tend to enjoy the needle turn that requires no more than a clear, drawn line on the applique pieces, a sharp pair of scissors to clip into the inner points, and a nice fine needle and thread.  It is so much faster when you don’t have to prepare the pieces with freezer paper, glue or basting first.

So do you want to look at the whole quilt?  Well here it is… Ta Da!

Bit hard to see the details isn’t it, I’ll give you a closer look, (this is a photo heavy post).

This is Luke and I – enormous aren’t we.  One of the parts of making this quilt that I enjoyed most was choosing the clothes that we would all wear.  The colours we are all dressed in are the colours we most often wear (even if neither of us get about in hats quite like that and our clothes really have a slightly different style).

Amelia’s dress is made of one of my favourite fabrics ever, a pattern that combines the colours of watermelon and peach (colours I wear as often as her actually).  Her little star apron is made of a scrap from the binding of the Pooh Bear wall hanging I made for my first baby – her.  Baby Michaela is wearing a purple that co-ordinates with her baby quilt.  I carefully selected embroidery floss to resemble the real colour of everyone’s eyes and hair.  Michaela had a slight hint of Auburn when she was a baby.

Rory is pictured with a train I based on his GeoTrax train, which was his favourite toy at the time.

This is one of the sayings that surround the centre panel – probably the most important one.  It was quilting around the words that took me the longest of all.  I just picked up the hoop every once in a while as I was watching telly in the evenings.  The other sayings are; * Count Your Blessings * Be Kind * Forgive and Forget * Be Proud of Each Other * Keep Your Promises * Bear Each Others Burdens * Be Honest * Comfort One Another * and of course, Be Patient.

Here is a look at my kids, 31 months ago when I started this quilt.  They are dressed in their PJ’s, ready for bed, one night on our holiday.

Beautiful aren’t they.  Families are Forever.

*Finished, that is if you don’t count the hanging sleeve that needs to go on the back, to hold the dowel that I still have to purchase ;-).  Now I am off to the Hardware store to buy some.

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