Number 24 out of 25.

So I was browsing my stats the other day – I like to know where the few people who read my ramblings are located on the lovely google map of the world (have I mentioned I once had a reader from a place called “Medicine Hat”).  I noticed a large unexpected spike in readership.  What was going on?

Turns out all these visitors were being directed from an article written on an X-Ray technicians blog.  In other words, they were not here to look at all the crafty loveliness.  They were fans of Michaela’s lovely innards.

To be more specific, they were interested in the object on the X-Ray, which came in as number 24 out of The 25 Weirdest Things Eaten by People.

She was in some pretty amusing company.  For more recent readers, Michaela swallowed this piece of smokey quartz back in February.

For those of you that are here for craftiness, I have finished the binding and washed my “Family Matters” Quilt.  I decided to turn my attentions to the label, or as it should be known henceforth, “The Mega Label”.  It looks more like an essay than a label, but I enjoyed writing it.  This is a quilt I hope will be in the family for quite some time, so I added stuff about our family as well as the current cost of bread, milk and petrol.  This is an idea of Leanne Beasleys I think.  In saw/read it some time ago, and can’t find mention of it on the web.

I decided to add a little character from the front of the quilt.  This is going to be a little girl in the same colours as the baby on the front, as in Michaela was a baby when I started it, but is no longer.  I should probably have made this label before quilting, and quilted it in, but oh well, there is always next time.

What do you put on your labels?

7 thoughts on “Number 24 out of 25.

  1. What a star……I’m sure this will go down in the history books as Michaela’s first ‘claim to fame’…not to mention a fantastic story at her 18th!!!

  2. The X-Ray blog gives a nice description of Michaela’s ‘incident’!

    Cute label 🙂 Where abouts will it go on the quilt? The underside?

    There are two quilting stores in the town my school’s in. Seeing your lovely quilts is making me seriously consider stopping in one (or both) of them!

  3. Hi, I’m visiting via Tracey’s blog.

    I love your label. I can’t say I put anything quite so descriptive on my labels (I attach swing tags to my knitting) but I think it’s a great idea.

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