Be Patient

I started this quilt 31 months ago in March 2006.  It has been quite a labour of love, and it is very close to completion, as I am now working on the binding.  I hand quilted around these words a few days ago – it could have been the motto for the whole quilt, and, it seems, the entire week.

In the past 24 hours the Matching Pegs household has been hit by a tedious irritating problem that we have all had to deal with, (a member of the family asked me not to be specific).  The problem is not serious, but not dealing with it promptly would make our problem multiply, if you catch my drift.  So I have been practicing my deep breathing and remembering to be patient.

When I was shopping last week for the binding for this quilt, I also picked up some binding and backing for my Chez Moi – Charisma quilt.

The red fabric (which is for the binding) is a perfect colour match, because it is another Chez Moi fabric, but this time it is from the Posh range.  The green fabric is a plain green homespun – it doesn’t match quite as well, but it will be used only for the backing, and it goes well with the binding.  I am toying with the idea of marking a design on the backing, and free motion quilting the quilt from the back, but I am not sure if my skills are up to it.  It might be a good way to learn.

Today Michaela and I were enjoying the afternoon spring sunshine, and blowing bubbles, as well as our cares away.  A little wander around the garden turned up a surprise, a ranunculi from a few years ago, growing where I thought they had been finished.  I thought I would share it with you.  I hope your week is full of happy surprises, but if it is not, I wish you patience.

4 thoughts on “Be Patient

  1. beautiful quilts!
    I saw ranunculi for the first time late last week, at Floriade! They’re quite lovely. I love the poppy-like look that yours have.

    If your family problem is the itchy situation I guess it is, can I suggest thick (cheap) conditioner? It’s a recommended treatment at my school – apparently quite effective, and doesn’t smell. Just rub it in, and comb it (all) out.

  2. Your “be patient” quilt looks lovely! Can we see a shot of the whole thing? And re your problem – I guessed the same thing and combing is the way to go. We have been lucky enough to find a comb that gets the blighters out even when the hair is dry – no conditioner necessary. Just keep doing it every few days. I hope you manage to get it resolved soon.

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