While I was in the country on the weekend, I took a few minutes to wander around with the camera.

These are some lovely flowers that my parents-in-law have managed to grow, in spite of some very harsh water restrictions.  This is not usually a pink I am drawn to (I’m more into a coral type pink usually), but my tastes must be changing because I brought home some of this pink from the local Lincraft yesterday.

I only went there for some thread – Lincraft has disappointed me so much lately with it’s fabric selection that I was stunned to find something that I really liked.

Officially it is Christmas fabric, but it could be used for anything.  These two colourways were so fresh and bright (see the pink), I really had to have them.  I am going to make little bags to put presents into, rather than wrapping paper.  I bought some white grosgrain ribbon to tie them up with.  For the last few years I have given Christmas gifts in reusable Royal Childrens’ Hospital Bags, but my family and friends may have enough of these by now.  Guess now I will have to start working out what I am going to get everyone.

Has anyone else out there started their Christmas shopping?

Here is a visual equivalent to thinking music, while you think about your Christmas planning…a calming photo of grasses from the country.

3 thoughts on “Pink

  1. I bought one gift for my dad so far. It’s a book with the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and I think he’ll really enjoy it. That’s all I have so far but have a list in the making:) Good luck with your shopping!

  2. I love that Christmassy fabric! Your gifts will look fabulous all wrapped up in that. I have actually bought one present so far but as I still have my youngests birthday to get out of the way I’m trying not to think about Christmas too much yet! It seems to get harder every year to think of ideas for people, so I guess I really do need to get my thinking cap on.
    Beautiful flowers too, love that purply pink! 🙂

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