Family Olympics

Last weekend found us in my husband’s home town in the north of Victoria, with lots of the extended family (about 50 of us).  A couple of Luke’s cousins had organised a family reunion that had an Olympic theme.

The games were a little different – We had the gumboot toss, three legged race, egg and spoon, as well as few others that are not on the official Olympics list.

We all took part in different heats of the egg and spoon.  We all did better than Luke, as the rest of us finished with our eggs intact.

The under 5’s heat had special plastic eggs (with matching spoons) which “broke” to reveal tiny bean bag yolks and centres.  They were a really clever way for the little kids to participate.

I think I came in last in my heat – but I can hold my head up, I didn’t cheat, (by holding my egg onto the spoon).  That’s me up the back in the blue hat – our arm of the family was the blue team.

The three legged race was quite a scream, especially when the pairs were as uneven as Michaela and her Aunty Cint.

Overall the whole day was really well organised, thanks especially to cousin Yvette!

The only fly in the ointment was that the kids were extremely tired when they started back at school this morning.  The excitement of the weekend, added to Daylight savings starting on Saturday evening made it doubly hard to get up this morning for the dash to school.

However, it was a very small fly, and we all had a great time.

Here is Amelia with her cousin Jack, a medal winning pair.

How did the rest of you fare with the Daylight savings transition?

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