Mexican Ladies (Tree of Life) Apron

Finished!  The Emmeline Apron Pattern is lovely, and the Mexican Ladies so bright and cheerful (thanks for your generosity Lily).  I am really happy with the result.

I probably should have worn a few less layers to model it – it looks less shapely than it should, but it was cold and windy here in Melbourne today.

I will definitely be wearing this a lot, and I will be sure to make this apron up again.

7 thoughts on “Mexican Ladies (Tree of Life) Apron

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for a source for some Mexican folk art fabric. Could you give me some suggestions to find several different fabrics, somewhat similar to the one you used for the apron?

    (I live in coastal Mississippi, but as long as they ship….

    Thanks, Dixie Boyd

  2. hello Ms. Clarie,
    MSgt Heath here out in sunny California. Listen a great freind of mine from High School bought a new house in North Carolina. She used to live out here in CA and while she was here saw plenty of the Mexican folk art stuff. One of which was the Tree of Life statues. She loved it and asked me to find her one. In my search I haven’t really found the type she is looking for but when I saw the apron I thought this would be a very nice gift until she or I can find one she likes. So can you tell me where you got the apron?
    Many Thanks and God Bless,

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