This is a wonderful view…………………..

My New Washing Machine

………………..when you have been without a washing machine for two weeks.

Meet my brand new, energy and water efficient, front-loader.

I didn’t want to bore you all, by banging on about the trials and tribulations of my washing machine problems over the last month or so, but lets just say that the arrival of this machine yesterday has been a real sanity saver for me.  It arrived just in time for some wonderful spring weather – 3 loads on the line today!

The past week has been full of reunions for us here in the Matching Pegs household.  On the weekend we caught up with a friend that we studied with 11 years ago, and had not seen for 10 years.  She has been living overseas for 5 years, and on the other side of the country since then.  Georgina was briefly back in Melbourne for a visit and we met her out in the gardens of the Heide Museum of Modern Art (Former home of John and Sunday Reed – after whom Nicole’s baby, Sunday Rose, is named, people) which was a fabulous venue.  The kids got to run wild in the gardens, and we were able to admire the outdoors sculptures, and drink caffeinated beverages as we watched the kids and caught up.  I once read that people don’t really change as they age, unless they put on lots of weight, or loose lots of weight.  It’s true.  Georgina has not changed at all, in appearance or personality.  It was lovely to catch up with her.

On Tuesday we caught up with very good friends of ours that were visiting town, from their home in Northern Virginia, USA.  Suzie also studied with us way back when, and has made a life for herself in the the States with a wonderful man, who likes to masquerade as a strange human/donkey hybrid………..

Eeyore/Human Hybrid

Thanks Casey for making Michaela giggle so much.  I was only joking about putting this on the blog, but decided to do it anyway, after all, you can certainly maintain your anonymity!

Suzie and Casey are retuning at Christmas time, when Suzie is going to introduce her Northern Hemisphere husband to the joys of a hot summer Christmas Day.  Seeing them twice in one year is great.

I just wanted to share a photo of a couple of the beautiful Gerberas that they gave me, each a different colour.  The blush pink one was particularly divine.  Thank you guys.


Tomorrow I am hoping to actually do some sewing, so stay tuned.

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