3 Pairs of Beads

These sweet little beads are some I picked up last weekend at this charming venue, where we had Amelia’s birthday party.  I think they are called lamp work beads.

The plan had been to have a sewing party at home, but we decided to change that plan a few weeks ago.  Amelia’s best friend at school left at the end of last term, and she has been resettling into a new larger group of friends.  We would not have been able to accommodate the 9 friends she eventually invited, at a party in our little house.  The party was a great hit, and beading was a creative, fun activity, which also sent the kids home with some really cool things to keep.  We will save the sewing party idea for next year with a smaller guest list.

So back to the beads above.  I asked the ladies in the shop to add the pin through the middle of the beads, with the loop at the top, while the party was underway.  For a very minimal cost, I now have three sets of danglies to hang off my sleeper earrings.  This is what my sleepers used to look like.

Old Sleeper Earrings

And now they look like this….

Sleeper with bead

I am really pleased with them.

Here is somehing else I am really pleased with, this is something I am really looking forward to making.

Emmeline Apron

This is the pattern I ordered to make up an apron using the fabulous fabric from Lily.  I have found some fabric in my stash to go with it, but I am not sure yet if I have enough.  The pattern calls for more, but I think with some creative cutting, I may be able to eek out enough to get by.

Apron fabric

4 thoughts on “Beads

  1. those beads are lovely 🙂 delicate and small, but eye-catching at the same time!

    and that apron looks like such a flattering cut! (not something I normally associate with aprons.)

    I know the fabrics you’ve shown here were a gift, but I’ve been wondering lately where you usually get your fabrics. Do you have a wonderful local store, buy online, or pick up pieces from where ever you see them?

  2. Amy from playgroup here…do you sell any of the hair accessories that you make? I am interested in purchasing for a few 3-year-olds. Could you please email me to discuss?

  3. That apron is beautiful! I too am looking forward to seeing it made up! I am also looking forward to seeing your ‘little something’ in the December issue of Homespun …. Cathy tells me it will be worth the wait! 🙂

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