Happy Birthday Michaela

Michaela 2 years

Happy Birthday our little ray of sunshine.

You surprise us every day with your confidence, and the joy you get out of life. You smile more than any other member of the family, and have done so since you were a tiny baby. Here you are when you were 3 days old.

Michaela, 3 days old

Your arrival completed our family, and never has a baby been more cuddled than you.

At three months old when you had an uncomfortable hip brace fitted, the lady fitting it was amazed at your good humor…”This is usually when they start howling”. Every couple of months when they adjusted it, you were so good for the orthotist, and she was always impressed with you sunny disposition.  in fact, most people are usually impressed with your sunny disposition.

Michaela 11 months

This is you when you were 11 months old. You love to join in with any game that the big kids are playing – you often get to be the sick patient, or the student, not to mention Darth Vader.  What ever you are, you always join in, and imagine along with the action.

This is when you were 17months old, and it is one of my favourite photo’s of you, with your big blue eyes and your smile.

Michaela 17months

In fact, with your smile you can get away with almost anything.

Michaela with the lipstick

Micky Moo, no matter what, remember that we love you, always. We are so lucky to be your Mum and Dad.

*Michaela’s birthday was yesterday, but we were too busy celebrating it for me to write this post.

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