Health Update: Amelia and Rory – Good as New.  Luke – Has dodged the virus completely.  Claire and Michaela – On the mend, but still a bit droopy.  Life is starting to return to normal.  I still owe a lot of people an email, and the house looks like a bomb has hit it though.

Here is a look at the logos that I made for the kinder to consider, but firstly a look at the current logo…..

Current Preschool LogoIt took me a year or two to diplomatically find out that this was designed by someone long gone from the Preschool.  I really hate it.  A teacher from long ago drew the stick-figures, and the play equipment they are on, not to mention the lovely hand drawn wording.  The burgundy is such a lovely, youthful touch don’t you think?

 I presented all the logos in Black and White, because the place that they are most visible, is on the kid’s T-shirts and Windcheaters.  On these, they are printed in one colour to keep costs down for families.  So here is the first one of mine – a very straight logo.  The Preschool has a very large tree in the playground, and the kids all like to collect the leaves, which look like this…

Leaves Logo

The next two are based on children’s drawings, which is what most Preschools tend to do.  I used drawings that I had from when the older two were at Preschool.  They needed a little bit of modification – they have to be legible when they are very small on letterhead, as well as large, on the Preschool building.

Jumping Man Logo

I call this the Jumping Man Logo, and the one below is known as the Spotty Creature Logo.

Spotty Creature Logo

Finally I presented a logo that represented growing, singing and playing.  I presented this one both in B&W as well as colour, to give the committee an idea of how I might use colour, once they chose one of the options.  Here is the Birdie logo, in colour, but not necessarily the colour it would end up as.Birdie Logo

So I will find out in a month which one they like best.  I am not a graphic designer, I sure a professional could do better, but I did it for free, and I had fun, so hopefully it is a win-win situation.  Anything has to be better than what the preschool currently has!  Which one do you like?



6 thoughts on “Logos

  1. I love, love, love that last one. I’m not a huge fan of the logos based on kids’ artwork – for me it’s not better/worse than the existing one. I wonder if you couldn’t add a stylised tree to that bottom one, if you really wanted to incorporate the tree into the whole thing. Great job in any case.

    No emails from me, lately, either…as after a weekend of weddings in Sydney I came home to the head cold/flu which has totally flattened me. Today is the first day I feel like I can sit up, let alone actually type anything as well. The dreaded “lergy” is alive and well in Melbourne!


  2. The original logo is a shocker! Good on you for getting them to consider your alternatives (I know how hard it can be to instigate change in a school setting!).

    They’re all lovely alternatives. Whatever they pick will be a massive, massive improvement.
    I really like the font you’ve used – nice and clear, and good for kids to mimic (kids are always tracing over their favourite book’s text, etc, why not the logo on their t-shirt or sunhat?!)

    I can’t pick a favourite.
    I think the birds are lovely… but perhaps the larger ‘teacher’ bird is a little too dominant in the logo?
    The leaves are clear and timeless… but if you don’t know about the tree, it might not be easily connected with the preschool.
    The Jumping Man is sweet, and you’ve done a nice job of making it suitable for use as a logo.
    I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Mr Spotty as a logo. I like tadpole drawings because of the role they play in child development, but I probably like order and structure too much to use it as a logo! 🙂

    They are all very nice to look at, and all really well-suited to a preschool 😀

  3. I was going to comment and say I loved the bottom one (I still do), but then coincidentally, just stumbled across this… and that got me thinking that maybe the birds aren’t going to be unique enough to the kinder. I love both ‘kid’s drawing’ logos, they’re both so joyous.

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend. It’s been a pretty crappy month for illness ’round these parts 🙁

  4. so pleased you are feeling better – there’s nothing worse than mum being sick. we had a great book when abby was little called “mums don’t get sick!” The house just grinds to a halt 🙂 Those stick figures are a wee bit sinister! And I’m with you on the burgundy. I like the birds but agree with the comment that a naive style elm (is it an elm?) next to them would make it more particular to your kinder. Good luck!

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