Happy Birthday Amelia

My Beautiful, Talented, Creative Daughter Amelia

Happy 8th Birthday our wonderful, talented, big girl.

You are our super-imaginative, creative girl, who eight years ago turned a couple into a family.

11 day old Amelia, smiling

You were the youngest of our three to smile, at 11 days old.  Here you are on that day giving Daddy one of your best!  Even from those early days, you would follow conversations with your eyes, always curious about what was going on.  These days you like to think deeply about the things you hear, and often ask us questions, ages after we have forgotten the conversation.

Amelia starts to walk

You walked earlier than you brother or sister (11 months and one week) and people used to stop and stare at this tiny girl walking by herself.  You are not such a “little dot” now :-).

Rory and Amelia, nearly 3 and getting on to 5 years oldAmelia and Baby Michaela, 3 days old

Here you are with Rory (when you were 4 and 3/4 and he was almost 3) and we can see you holding Michaela when she was only 3 days old (You were just 5).  You are a fantastic big sister, always making up wonderful games that you can all play together.  In fact, most people who know you talk about your wonderful imagination, as well as your fantastic drawing.  We are proud of you, our clever girl, who tries so hard to do things perfectly; just don’t forget that mistakes are part of life, and remember to always make new ones.

Here is one of my favourite photos of you, when you were 21 months old, just before Rory was born.

Amelia on the swing

No matter what, remember that we love you, always. We are so lucky to be your Mum and Dad.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amelia

  1. Happy birthday, Amelia!
    Mid-August is such a busy time for birthdays… I can think of so many people I’ve known who birthday around this time of year.

    What a beautiful photo-essay/letter to your daughter 🙂
    She doesn’t look like a little girl anymore, does she?

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