Penny Farthing

Michaela on a penny Farthing

Yesterday, after an invitation from Debbie and Noah, Michaela and I (along with Leigh and Madison) ventured across to the other side of town to visit “Scienceworks“.  The three of us Mums have each got a son in Prep this year, and a younger sibling of around 3 years old (I’m the only one with a third child).  The three littlies had a wonderful time in the Nitty Gritty Super City, which is designed for 3 – 8 year olds.  Michaela looks particularly tiny perched on the top of the Penny Farthing bike, with her two little friends in the background.

I was extremely pleased to get out, after having a sick child at home for days (thanks Ladies).  Today I had another sick child at home, Amelia.  She lay on the couch and watched “The Princess Bride” this morning (a wonderful movie for the whole family) followed by her first viewing of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.  I had not seen it, and thought it was a good opportunity for her to watch it without younger siblings in case it was a bit scary.  I loved every one of the Narnia Chronicles as a kid, which she is yet to read ( I purchased a thick volume of them all recently)  but found the movie a bit slow.  She has not been as sick as Rory, and we are hoping she will be back to normal tomorrow for her birthday – please send healthy thoughts our way.

One thought on “Penny Farthing

  1. We love Scienceworks too! I’m actually taking Finn and a friend next weekend – I think he’s overdue for some Mum-time.

    I do hope Amelia is okay by morning. Being sick on your birthday is not so fun!

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