Construction continues

After a few weekends off due to bad weather, construction resumed this weekend on our fort/cubby/space station (Rory is absolutely Lego-Star-Wars Mad, and has decided that we have a space station in our backyard).  First the frame for the roof was completed.

Fort/Cubby under construction

And then, an exciting trip to the hardware store to select a roofing material.  Luke settled on wide fence palings, as the cheapest, aesthetically pleasing option.  He put these up in spite of a rain shower that sent the kids inside.

Fort/Cubby under construction, roof on.

We plan to paint the whole structure when the weather improves.  Meanwhile inside I made yet another Log Cabin cushion – the final one.  Here is the before shot.

Cushion before

and here is the after…

Cushion with new random log cabin cover

And for those that are interested, here is a view of the backs of the cushions, which are all made from fabrics that I purchased at Purl Patchwork in NYC.

Cushion Backs

The Matroyshka fabric backed cushion was the first one I made, and I put the zip where I usually do.  Once I started making the others, I made the decision to use two different fabrics on the back, and because I bought such small amounts in NYC, I had to place the zips lower down, so the backs are all different.

The fabric makes me happy every time I look at it.

Finally here is a link to a site that made me more than happy.  It made me laugh so hard that, (like every cliche), tears streamed down my cheeks, and my stomach was sore.  It is a site about Cake Wrecks, cakes that are just wrong, and it was the post titled “Get Me Holly Hobbie’s Head on a Platter” that really had me in hysterics.

I found this site via a link on, Emmzeegee’s website.  Emmzeegee was a friend that I worked with back when I was childless (and so was she) and I have only reconnected with her recently.  She has triplets who are now 7 years old, who I last saw when they were about 6 months old.  Two of the triplets share first names in common with my twin brother and I, which is kind of cool (but a complete coincidence).  Anyway, check out the cakes, they are great for a laugh!

2 thoughts on “Construction continues

  1. OMG – some of those cakes are hilarious!
    I’ve been running back and forth to HistoryBoy (who’s in his study, writing!) laughing and waving my laptop in his face. I think ‘some cakes need no commentary’, ‘I’d still eat it’, ‘the way all apologies should be made’ and ‘can you make a Freudian slip’ are my favourites!
    The ‘Inspiration vs Perspiration’ is just sad…

    The cubby’s looking great 🙂

    And your cushions are lovely. I’m envious of your skill!

  2. I just looked at both those sites and nearly bust a gut laughing so much!!! You know when someone makes you laugh so hard you can’t even look at them? Yeah it was like that, I had to step away from the computer!!
    Love the cushions, and the fort looks great, my boys would be very jealous. 🙂

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