A little Cloth Cat needs a name

Little Cloth Cat

Look who I found soaking up a little bit of winter sun in my garden yesterday. Like any other cat, this one looks quite comfortable perched in an unusual place – the handle of my rotary clothes line. This little aqua cat just needs a name, any suggestions?

It was quite a busy weekend here, among other things Michaela had her first swimming lesson. She was a star, and was smiling whenever she didn’t have a concentration face on. Some of the other little people in the tiny pool with her cried and cried, which was distressing for everyone, but didn’t seem to get to Michaela. Of course I would love to share how adorable she looked in her new speedos and goggles, but apart from potentially attracting creepies, I didn’t want to take a camera along to a kids’ swimming lesson.

Home made Soap

On Sunday, while I took Rory to a gymnastics birthday party, (what a fabulous idea, Rory loved it) Luke opened up a craft box we have had for a while, and made some soap with the girls. It is still not dry, but the lavender in it smells wonderful.

First Magnolia Bud

Finally, have a look at this, the first of our Magnolia buds is starting to open. In no time the tree will look spectacular.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to help me name the cat, who now has a little heart on his/her chest like the bunny rabbit.

2 thoughts on “A little Cloth Cat needs a name

  1. I taught learn-to-swim for many years – pre-school classes were my favourite 🙂 (I didn’t even mind the criers…)
    I’m glad Michaela enjoyed her lesson 🙂 She’ll be ‘rocket-shipping’ and back-floating like a pro in no time!
    If it’s a larger swim school (though it doesn’t sound like it, as you said ‘tiny pool’) they may have someone come out at some point during the year to take photos of the kids for the parents – AquaSnaps or something, but it’ll cost you. The class would only be small though – 4 kids, right? You could always ask the other parents if they’d mind you snapping some pics of Michaela. It was reasonably common, even when I worked at Sydney Olympic Pool (a huge swim school). Video cameras were often regular features… I wasn’t overly happy with recordings of my dodgy renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I never said no 🙂

    Your kitty is so cute! (Do you have an etsy shop?)
    I’m not good with names (HB names our fish after Naval commaders). How about Kleine Katze (little cat in German) or Chisai Neko or Kawaii Neko (small and cute cat in Japanese)??

    That soap looks good, too!

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