Jeannot Lapin and strong women

Littlc Cloth Bunny Rabbit

Here is a funny little bunny I finished making last night.  She is made of Flea Market Fancy fabric, which is actually a map of Paris, so she is called Jeannot Lapin (Bunny Rabbit in French).  Michaela has been playing with her this afternoon, in the cubby.  This is actually Lapin deux, the first was smaller, and the ears became just that bit too small to turn out the right way, but I like the position of them better.

Little Cloth Rabbit version one

Amelia has ordered a Teddy in a purple fabric and Michaela has ordered a Cat in Blue.  Rory, as usual, just wants “something more scary”.

Yesterday was my Mother’s 60th Birthday (Happy Birthday Mum).

3 Generations of \

We had quite a subdued lunch, as that morning a family friend had passed away.  Our Friend Helen died after several weeks in intensive care.  She was a wonderful dynamo of a person, who never let her ill health hold her back from what she wanted to do.  Her sheer force of will was amazing.  She had a very strong sense of justice and actively campaigned for many causes.  She was a retired Uniting Church Minister who baptised both of our daughters.  She will be missed by many, many, people.

My Mother is another very strong women.  She has had to deal with a lot in her life time, and through the course of her life she has gathered lots of very practical wisdom.  I talk through the minutia of my life, and hers with her, almost daily.  Who would I be without her?

Don’t worry Mum, we will celebrate in suitable style at a later date, you sure deserve a proper party.

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