Redwork and Purple Charms

Bronwyn Hayes Redwork Christmas Quilt

On Saturday, another Mum from school (Hi Debbie) and I travelled to the outskirts, of the other side of Melbourne, for a quilt show.  On arrival we discovered that we had turned up for a “Quilt In” rather than a quilt show.  Not having any sewing of our own to work on, we browsed through the small stalls that some local shops had set up, and decided to move on to a spot of local quilt shopping.

Detail of Redwork on \

I had not been planning to purchase any more than a few bits and pieces, but had a magazine with me with a beautiful project in it that was calling me; “The Wish Quilt” by Bronwyn Hayes in the current issue of Homespun Magazine.  I ended up going to town on Reds and Creams, as well as buttons and threads.  I have chosen to stitch the red-work in a variegated red thread, that goes from an almost watermelon colour to a dark browny garnet colour.  I am really looking forward to stitching it, but realistically I will not be making it for this Christmas, but the following one – there are too many projects I have on the boil that I want to do first.  Instead I may make just one of the blocks to hang up for this year.

So apart from picking up all these red and cream beauties, I picked up a few other things as well.

Edited to Add…..There are mistakes in the instructions published for this quilt.  The mistakes relate to the way the stitcheries are trimmed prior to assembly of the blocks.  You can find a 2 page PDF of the corrections here on the Complete Craft website (the official website of Homespun Magazine).  If the link does not work, look here and scroll down to the bottom to find the link.

Morning Glory Fabric by Robyn Pandolph

I picked up these two pieces from the “Morning Glory” by Robyn Pandolph range, the colour was a bit hard to capture in today’s light, but the gold roses are on a pale greyish lavender colour that is quite sophisticated.  I am thinking that these will be a fully lined handbag.

One thing I discovered in my purchasing spree, was just how sentimental I am.  I bought several fabrics purely because I have had them before, or they reminded me of special people in my life.  The stylised roses above (on the right) are the same as the fabric my mother has used for a cushion on a family heirloom chair, in another colourway.  The birds fabric below is my daughter Amelia’s favourite fabric, that we have used on several projects for her.  I had used up my last scrap, and the store I bought it from has closed, so I was thrilled to find some more.  My late Grandmother had a silk suit made with fabric with a marbelled pattern very similar to the one on the fat quarters below.  She wore that suit to my wedding.  Get the picture, I’m sentimental.

Fat Quarters Bargains

So enough boring you with my purchases, on to the purple in the title.

Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia Violacea)

No this is not just another excuse to show you my Happy Wanderer, I wanted to share with you some details of a purple charm square “tree”.  It is a little like a swap, but more complex.

I had been given a little letter and a couple of 6 inch squares of purple fabric, inviting me to join in, in the quilt tree.  All that is involved, is that I send 2 purple, 100% cotton, 6 inch charm squares to the person at the top of the list, cross them off and send the letter and 2 more squares each, on to 4 more people who are interested in joining in (after adding my name to the bottom).  According to the letter, once your name has moved up a couple of spaces, you should receive 72 squares in return, before you are crossed off.  Confused?  I am not too sure about the maths of this one, but can see that theoretically, I should receive some purple charm squares in return if I play.  It will only cost me 10 charm squares, and some postage.

One thing I don’t want to do is send this to anyone who does not want to take this on. So do any of you out there want to play?

Below are a couple of the purple fabrics that I have to send on, together with the two squares that I was sent with the letter I received.

Purple Fabrics and Charm Squares

Let me know if you are interested in the Purple Charm Square Quilt Tree in the comments, and I will send you an email to let you know more.

Edited 22 November 2008

2 thoughts on “Redwork and Purple Charms

  1. Hi there, I too received the Purple Charm Square Quilt. I am just starting out in quilting and I don’t know anyone else who would like to participate. I’m in Melbourne too. I’ve been “googling” quilting blogs to try and find enthusiast quilters who would love to be part of this quilt tree – not much luck! How did you go with your responses? Julia