An experiment

Apple Cider Vinegar \'n\' Soda Bicarb.

While here in the Matching Pegs household, we try to run a pretty tight ship, consumption wise, I don’t think anyone would single us out as a green, green household. Our family of five, according to the little info box on our water bill, uses the amount of water of an efficient 3 person family with a large garden (although we never water our garden). We pay a relatively small amount for our heating, because our house is so small. I use very little in actual cleaning products (although I have some that I use occasionally), with the exception of washing up detergent, and washing powder for the clothes.

I have just tried going one step further – a step that many might consider a bit unusual.

After toying with the idea for quite some time I have decided to try making a change that will be better for my hip pocket, the environment and hopefully my hair! I’m going to try ditching store bought shampoo and conditioners in favour of a couple of home made versions.

Why – mainly to avoid ingredients like Dimethicone * and it’s relatives. I’m talking about an ingredient that (as I understand it) even 10 years ago was only in a couple of brands of conditioners. Now it is in every conditioner sold in my supermarket, and most of the shampoos as well. It makes your hair shinier and slippery, by coating the hair strands, but unfortunately it keeps building up in your hair, and the build up can make your hair look even more dull and limp in the long run. A couple of hairdressers have indicated that it might be the culprit that is making Amelia’s hair so knotty – her hair is that way inclined and this product might be making it worse.

Of course, these hairdressers want to sell me salon brand products that do not have this ingredient, but that cost about $20 a bottle. I can’t quite justify spending that amount on hair products. If I could just buy products with 10 year old formulations, I would happily do that, but there are none readily available.

So I am going to try this – Going Shampoo Free.

So far I have washed my hair twice this week with the Soda Bicarb. (shampoo) and Apple Cider Vinegar (conditioner) concoctions. It feels clean, has no vinegary smell about it and was easy. Last night I washed all three kids with the stuff. No drama, and their hair looks clean and shiny. I am going to try this for a couple of weeks and then reassess. So far the only thing I miss is the lovely smell released when you lather up with normal supermarket shampoo and conditioner (also there is no lather at all with Soda Bicarb.).

Oh and By the Way – that lovely, thick glass in the photo, that has the tortoiseshell appearance, is my new “Mug” for my daily cups of tea. I couldn’t resist it, and it was on sale. Perhaps I need another one – it also looks like it would make a nice vase.

* Synonyms for Dimethicone that you might find listed on your products…

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cetyl dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Silicone oil

4 thoughts on “An experiment

  1. can’t wait to hear the results of your tests. And thanks for the info on that harmful stuff – I am going to do a little research myself.

  2. I am looking forward to your results!! Have always wanted to try some things like this….. Hope all goes well

  3. Have a read of Angry Chicken’s latest post – she has made homemade deodorant, and also talks about her ‘no-shampoo’ trials. She loves it!

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