A Letter (or two)

Capital G

This was a fun project I started and finished yesterday.

Bare Wooden G I purchased this plain wooden G from Spotlight (only $3.19) and decided to cut into some of my fabric from Purl in New York.

After cutting the fabric into a square slightly larger than the G, I gave the back of the fabric a spray with some Quilt-Basting spray that I had (I didn’t have any spray adhesive).

I placed the fabric over the front of the G, pressing it down gently to help it stick to the front face only. Next I trimmed back the fabric to leave a “seam allowance” of enough fabric to cover the sides of the letter.

Then, holding it up to the light with the front facing towards me, I cut into the “seam allowance” with the scissors, with more clipping on the curvier parts and none on the flat surfaces.

Fabric Covered G

Once it looked like this, I took to it with the Mod Podge (a product I had never tried before). I pasted down the “seam allowance” by putting a little MP on the wooden edges, and then more over the top of the fabric as I pushed it down with a brush. I then covered the front face of the letter with more MP, taking care to wet the fabric right through, without leaving larges excesses of MP on the surface. After it dried I added another coat, then a third.

Close UpClose Up 2

Finally, I dry brushed some gold acrylic paint on the sides of the G, to slightly disguise the places where the bare wood is not covered by the clipped fabric – you can still see the pattern on the fabric through the gold though. Now I just have to work out how to hang it. This is what it looks like when it borrows a picture hook – not quite right.

G on the Wall

I actually completed this letter in tandem with another, a J for a new baby born yesterday morning, Jasper (I love that name). This one is plain blue, made with paint and not fabric, but gold around the edges again.

Capital J

Lastly, a question. If a crafter crafts in a forest, and no-one is there to take a blog photo, did the crafting really happen?

Last night I finished embellishing two more t-shirts, for Ethan’s sisters, which turned out really well, but it was too late for a photo. This morning there was no time either, even though the light was good for once. I wrapped them up and sent them to school for the recipient’s last day (school term actually finishes tomorrow for the rest of the kids). So I guess as far as the blog is concerned, it didn’t happen…..sigh. But on the other hand, I got a lot done yesterday – 4 items started and finished in one day, even if I can only show you two.

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