Thirty Four

My outfitIt’s my birthday today

I’m older than yesterday

All my friends are coming over to play

And they’ll all sing Happy Birthday

From Justine Clarke’s “I Like to Sing”

This song is mandatory listening on any-one’s birthday in the Matching Peg’s Household, and I have to go on record to say that this is a wonderful kids CD, and I love it.

So I did wear my new birthday outfit today, and enjoyed feeling dressed up for once, and what a lovely day it was.

So my day started with being woken up by the kids (of course) with a brown paper package, tied up with string.

And inside was this…….


So my husband was actually listening to me the other day, and I scored a proper artists set of watercolours, Woo Hoo!

Gerberas From LeighScarf From Debbie

Some of my lovely friends held a morning tea for me (thanks for your wonderful hospitality Debbie) and gave me some beautiful gifts. The beautiful Gerberas are from Leigh, along with a very lovely card. Debbie had been crafting up a storm with some sun printed fabric she made (seen below) as well as a fabric postcard (bottom left) and a most exquisite scarf that she felted herself (above right). I was truly overwhelmed.

Sun Printed Fabric

My mother took both Michaela and I out for lunch at a nursery not far from us that has a cafe, gift shop and duck pond amongst the plans for sale. We had a very scrumptious lunch and I couldn’t help but purchase a few small plants to put in our garden. I snagged a couple of pots of hardy French Lavender, as well as 3 pots of a very tolerant native daisy that is also a lavender colour. Mum had already given me some pots of Lambs Ears which I am looking forward to planting, and I couldn’t resist a pot of pansy’s in a lovely antique colour. Michaela was thrilled with the fact that one of the ducks tried to nibble my finger when I wasn’t forthcoming enough with the duck food, (it didn’t hurt) it was the highlight of her day.

PansiesTonight we had a lovely dinner together and another Pavlova “birthday cake” thanks to our non-functional oven (to be fixed on Monday). So overall I had a wonderful day, and feel like such a lucky person, if this is what 34 feels like, than I think I like it!

Lamb\'s Ears

8 thoughts on “Thirty Four

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Would I be right in guessing that you were up in Yarrambat for lunch?

    Your outfit looks lovely – and such beautiful gifts. I love the felted scarf. What a clever lady.

  2. Happy Birthday Claire! What a lovely birthday you’ve had! Your new outfit is so beautiful – i LOVE red shoes! And the watercolours and gerberas and dreamy scarf – you must have felt so special! Ah lambs ears – you can’t grow them in Brisbane – too tropical – they are such beautiful plants – their texture and colour is sublime! Glad you had such a good day, and hope your 34th year brings you great joy and love.

  3. A very Happy Birthday to you! It is so lovely when friends help celebrate your special day; the Lambs Ears are so great – soft and furry – just be careful that they don\’t run away from you – we had to pull a lot of our out because they got too bossy in the garden.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Claire. I was thinking of you and gave you a call, but I obviously couldn’t get you because you were having such a lovely day celebrating. So glad you had a happy day!

  5. Hi Claire 🙂 Well, cold weather or not it looks as though you had wonderful a birthday. Here’s to a new year full of new adventures! Enjoy!

  6. Happy Birthday Claire!
    I have just read through all your latest posts and now am up to date i guess. I think you guys are getting busier with projects, etc. everyday. 4 projects completed in one day is pretty good. I usually think about i project for at least 4 weeks before i give it a go, and then usually quit less than halfway through.

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