The episode in which I fall in love with, and feel compelled to purchase my own birthday present.

Short Pencils

On Friday night, my husband had been asking me what I would like for my birthday, as he had not had a chance to shop and wanted some ideas. He scoffed a little at my suggestion that I wanted a big new set of 72 Derwent pencils, didn’t the kids have my old set, why would I want more? I pointed out that quite a few are now about 5 cm long, some are lost, and most have very broken leads in them, from frequent dropping, making them difficult to sharpen. Since then I counted and out of the original 72, I now have 35.

He thought getting my queen-sized-quilt-top professionally quilted sounded a little boring – you don’t really want that do you? Admittedly his problem with these suggestions seemed to be that he thought I could probably pay for these things without “using up” my birthday present option – but really spending this money without a reason just seems extravagant to me.

On Saturday, I went out alone to do a little shopping for my brother’s birthday present (we are twins). I found him a really nice jumper, which is now in his possession, (as we had an early birthday celebration on Sunday) and looks really good on him.

And then, across a crowded shopping complex, I saw it. The print on the fabric alone stopped me in my tracks.

Rose print

I MUST try this garment on.

Of course, once I discovered that not only did it look good on the hanger, but it looked great on, and I fitted into the one that was a size smaller than I expected, I had to have it. Then I saw the price. This beautiful garment, had a price to match. I stood in the change room, admiring my look in the large mirror. The colours were unusual, the size was spot on and comfortable, the fabric felt like good quality, and it even had a soft tulle edged underskirt. And then I remembered, Luke had not purchased my present yet. It was too adorable a garment to pass up. I bought it (and a matching, fine knit merino top). At the cash register, I discovered that the skirt also had two hidden pockets in the side seams – what was not to love!


And then I took it home to show my family.

“But Mummy,” said Amelia “didn’t you realise why we were late home from swimming lessons?”

Looks like I will be getting another birthday present on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “The episode in which I fall in love with, and feel compelled to purchase my own birthday present.

  1. gorgeous skirt and top – lucky you. I will now know how to pick you out if I ever see you down the local shops!!! Happy birthday! I like the idea of derwents too!

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