Egg on the floor

When you are otherwise indisposed in the smallest room of the house, and your toddler comes to you, the last thing you want her to do is hand you a couple of egg shells and tell you that she is making french toast.

I\'ve got my apron

“But Mummy, I’ve got my apron”

You might notice in the background there are a couple of lovely Teddies. They had been having a lovely supper tea party the night before, with the girls, and the teddies could not tear themselves away from their cafe chairs. Michaela and I took a little time to restyle them, and take a lovely shot.


All of these beautiful creatures are hand made. The larger ones were made by the person from whom I inherited my creative genes, my talented Mother. That’s Daisy on the left (who belongs to Amelia) and Rosie on the right (who belongs to Michaela). Peanut Butter, who belongs to Rory was out to see a movie and didn’t join the party. Both Teddies are wearing clothes handed down to them from Baby Michaela. The smaller Teddies are all made by me, using a design of Rosalie Quinlans, published in Homespun No. 32 Vol. 6. No. 6.

Teddies up close

The little one is the original size on the pattern, which I love, but the size makes it a little tricky to make.

I made a larger one for Michaela, and the other kids insisted on having one as well, which is why we have 3.

I love Rosalie Quinlan’s designs, when I grow up I want to be just like her ;-).

Here is a sneak peek at one of my designs that I am currently working on.

Butterlies in Progress

So, what is the funniest thing your toddler has given you?

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