Not My Usual Medium

Scarf in Progress

So this is what I had been working on for the last two evenings.

Knitting is not something that comes easily to me. While I have found it quite relaxing, I don’t image that I would find making a whole garment to be quite so calming. This is only my second item I have ever made. Apart from the choice of wool, it is exactly the same as the first. It’s all about the wool, and if these two indicate anything about my preference, it is that I like a variegated wool.

Rainbow Scarf  in \

The only reason that I had a go at knitting anything was that I spotted this divine wool in the local wool shop, (I was probably there to purchase wool for doll’s hair). My photo, and more specifically, the available light does not do it justice. It is a lovely soft fluffy dusky rainbow colour appropriately titled “Uluru“, it certainly evokes the colours of the red centre at sunset. I just had to have it, and if that meant learning to knit, so be it! So the lovely lady at the shop sold me a book on knitting basics, and suggested a pattern of stitches to follow, and Ta Da! Colours get me every time.

Michaela\'s Upside down smiley

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