Autumn Flowers

Amelia\'s felt flower

The girls and I have spent part of the weekend making more felt flowers, woolly blooms that are most suitable for this cooler weather. That is to say, I spent the time actually assembling them, and the girls helped me with colour choices (I had a bit more influence over Michaela’s choices, truth be told). They also both loved sifting through the button treasure trove, that Amelia won, for suitable buttons (Amelia is a very good sharer). I love the way the colour of the felt brings out the colour in Amelia’s eyes.

Michaela with her hairclip

This darker purply-blue one of Michaela’s is my favourite.

Michaela wearing Maddison\'s clipThis was one that we actually made for Michaela’s friend, Maddison, who is having her 3rd Birthday party tomorrow. She is a big fan of pink and purple, which was something we kept in mind as we were selecting her felt.

Michaela agreed to model it for a photo, but was keen to make sure that we were putting it away for her friend.

Today I sewed up a lovely little “handbag” for Maddison, that I hope she will like. Tonight Michaela decided to model it as well, even though she was in her PJ’s.

Michaela with Maddison\'s Bag

If Maddison likes it as much as Michaela, I think it will go down just fine. I think I will have to get started on one for Michaela next.

One thought on “Autumn Flowers

  1. Oh what adorable flowers – the petals are beautifully styled Claire! And I love the one Michaela is wearing that has the layered middle. What a lovely way to spend the day! And the bag is very sweet – perfect for little people to carry their library books and ballet costumes etc.

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