Very Early Cheer


These are the first of my Narcissus Erlicheer (pronounced Early Cheer) to flower. I don’t really understand if they are Jonquils (as I thought they were) or Daffodils, but what ever they are, they smell divine.

The only problem is that they should flower in late Winter, or early Spring (hence the name). This sort of thing just scares me I must admit. We seem to get more proof of the whole climate change thing every day. But then I start to get confused as well. When exactly did they come out last year? I’m not sure.

Perhaps I will just have to make sure to enjoy them, and not look a gift horse in the mouth.

2 thoughts on “Very Early Cheer

  1. Yes it is a bit freaky that they are out now – I always think of them as a flower for August/September. At least you can enjoy some pretty scent in autumn.
    – Kylie

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