Mothers’ Day

Mum with her twins

Can you guess which one is me? (Hint, I am not the one holding the babies)

This photo may give you a clue (I just wanted an excuse to show it)….. Mum and Dad with the Twins In both photos, I am the little one on the left. The other little one is my twin brother Julian. Since I had my own children, I have (or course) an new respect for the amount of work it must have been to care for twins. Pancakes When I think of the profound learning curve that you travel with your first baby, I am amazed that my parents survived bringing home two. Especially Mum. Dad has always been a very hard worker, which meant Mum putting in long hours at home alone with little people. I know this is not easy at all. Thank you Mum, I love you. Happy Mothers’ Day.

This is what I was given after I was roused late by three apron bedecked children. Of couse they did not cook this on their own (thank you Luke). After this, the cooks went on to make a Chocolate cake and some Honey Joys, to take to afternoon tea at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. So I lapped up being a Mum and seeing my Mum. All in all it was a wonderful day.

The Cooks

One thought on “Mothers’ Day

  1. picture perfect – I love the photo of your three children with their aprons and their lovely busy smiles! And Keep Calm and Carry On – I always know I’ve met a kindred spirit when I see that poster 🙂 happy mothers’ day!

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