Not enough sleep


From the title it may sound as if I am incredibly fatigued, but no, in fact, I am very frustrated.

My little girl is not getting enough sleep – of the daytime variety. She has given up on her nap.

This doesn’t bother her much (until about 5:30pm when she crashes) but it has completely robbed me of time on my own to sew, or blog, or get things done around the house without interruptions. Sigh.

I have tried getting her to have quiet time in her room, but she is a social little creature, and likes to be with me. I have even tried the appeal of new sheets – with hearts on them (we needed some flannelette sheets anyway) but they only worked for one day. My fallback is now a drive in the car on one of those days where she is desperately tired and will not lie down, it works every time. I guess I will have to get used to having company for every minute of the day, except for the one morning when she is at occasional care.

So moving right along. Here is a look at Brittany’s finished fairy, Ta Da!

Finished Fairy

I had a lot of fun making her, and Amelia tells me that my fairies are improving.

Amelia\'s Fairy

This is one of the fairies (there are 5) on a wall hanging I made Amelia a few years ago.

I purposely drew her with the proportions of a child rather than a grown-up, (Brittany’s fairy is more like a grown up).

She is also a lot more static, which is probably less enchanting.

I rather like this colour combination though, she looks like a fairy who likes water to me.

I think Amelia will be ordering a new fairy any day now.

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