Fairy Detail

Things are going along swimmingly with my little fairy (actually Brittany’s little fairy), and my arm is holding up well, as long as I pace myself. This means putting down the needle before I am really ready. My internal dialogue has changed from “only one more piece and I will have finished the dress” to ” only one more piece and I better put it away for the night”. In everything, moderation, seems to be working. I am up to sewing on the dark purple “petals” around the neckline, and then the fairy hair, so I am close to finishing the applique – Woo Hoo.

Scarlet Oak

As the weather gets colder, I am finding it harder to take nice photos for the blog. I am pretty determined to have an image for each post, but I think I will have seize every opportunity to take photos when the sun has come out to play.

Not all of my creating has been sewing/craft related lately. As I have mentioned before, our church is having a wedding gown parade. I have been busy designing interesting flyer’s, tickets and now a board (sponsored by the local real estate agent) to go out the front of our church to advertise the event. A little bit of graphic design has been fun. I used lovely old illustrations of lace garments on the brochure and tickets (from the 1770’s) which were designed to be printed in black and white. The board needed to be a little more eye catching. I found this lovely image on istock photo, and today I saw the board up outside the church.

I don’t kid myself that I am particularily gifted at this, but at least I am not too bad, and I am having fun, while supporting a good cause. It was also exciting to see someting I had done, printed this large.

Wedding Ggown Parade Board

3 thoughts on “Progressing

  1. I love the billboard – do you know, getting real estate agents to sponsor wonderfully glossy and eye catching billboards is a peculiarly Melbourne thing – when I suggested it in Year 1 at Abby’s Brisbane school, the P & F committee looked at me with utter amazement that I would suggest such an inconceivable, never heard of before thing! 🙂 Go Melbourne real estate agents! Your fairy is looking gorgeous – and so I’m so glad to hear your arm is holding up!

  2. I commend you on your patience doinf needle turn applique. Rosie is so good at it and loves it but I am more of a machine applique kind of girl!! I respect those that take the time to do it all by hand so much! Thanks for your Billie love too! Billie is a Melly & me design. Hope you are having a great week =)

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