A Little Cat and Some Presents

Michaela the Cat

This little cat and I had a lovely day at Brooke’s 4th birthday party.


I was particularly happy with the gift that we got her. Not having time to make something, I was keen to get a creative gift. I found these great paper cut-outs of people that you can decorate. Put together with some googly eyes and some “Twistable” crayons, just right for a busy 4 year old.

In the Garden

Speaking of presents, here is a little something from Aunty Cookie’s etsy shop that I picked up for my lovely husband to mark our anniversary. I finally picked up a custom cut mount to frame it. This beautiful, whimsical print on linen is called “In the Garden” and not only did I love it, but it also was symbolic of us.

For as long as we have had our own yard, we have had our own veggie plot. Sometimes it only has herbs in it, but we have grown lots of different veggies over the years.

Finally here is a present that I got for myself. The local craft store had DMC floss on sale for only 59cents, so I picked up some colours that I thought would fill the gaps in my colour range as I pictured it in my head. Not a bad haul really.


I did get a chance today to do some sewing preperation – I cut out the intricate applique pieces for my little fairy that you can see in my sketch here, but it was too dark to show you a picture on this post.

Lastly, have a look here at the funniest teatowel I have ever seen.

Can anyone beat that?

5 thoughts on “A Little Cat and Some Presents

  1. Isn’t it ovely when they are little and love having their faces painted! Abby had her face painted as a tiger for her Christmas photo with Santa when she was 6 – that was the last time! Your print is so sweet – what a lovely memento for your wedding anniversary. An cheap thread is always good! Have a lovely weekend and make sure you take some stitching time!

  2. p.s. you are so right about the tea towel – I always feel overwhelming love for my husband when he’s performing housework – makes me regret every snitchy word I’ve said in 17 years! But that feeling passes pretty quick when I have to pick up his shoes from all around the house 😉

  3. Michaela looks so cute Claire. Thank you so much for coming to Brooke’s party and for the present. Brooke has already made a person, and Brittany has hijacked one and wants to put one on her bedroom door. Thank you!

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