A Dove and an Anniversary Scarf

Frustrated by the hindrance that my cubital tunnel syndrome is causing me, I have not been game to do any hand- sewing until yesterday. I was keen to join in on this project from Lynette Anderson’s Blog, and luckily this month, the dove is only a tiny 2 inch design. It was a nice small test for my arm.

I chose embroidery floss that I already had in my stash, and have a particular colour-way in mind for the fabrics, lots of warm colours – yellows, greens, peachy/coral tones, browns/terracottas, as well as lavender and that slightly greyed blue, (like the colours in this project I have on the back-burner).

I also decided to colour the calico prior to stitching, (like I did in this project), so I got out the derwents and had some fun. Here is the finished stitchery, which is waiting for its fabric border.


Even this was a little too much for my arm, so I will be waiting a little longer before I attempt the bunnies, (which were actually from last month, right in the middle of preparation for my sister’s wedding) but they are coloured and waiting to go.

Ark bunnies

Today I decided to do a tiny bit of machine sewing during Michaela’s nap, to cheer me up. Here is the quick project that I came up with.

Anniversary Scarf

Our church is currently planning for a Wedding Gown Parade, and I have been working on the invitation/flyer and ticket design.

My gown is going to be in the parade, so a couple of weeks ago I opened up it’s storage box and tried it on. I could fit into it and do up the zip – that is, up to where my bust started. 10 years and 3 kids has left me with a different body than I had when I wore it last, so someone else will wear it in the parade. Trying it on was not as bad for the ego as I had feared – it fitted over my waist and hips! One thing my mother and I obsessed about was the colour of the fabric we used for the different dresses, (my mother made all off them) – what a surprise.

My dress was a creamy colour, but rather than being a cream made by adding yellow to white, it was a sort of rich mango cream colour. My bridesmaids wore a shade of copper.

The ends of the scarf are made from scraps of my wedding dress material, and the rest of it is a remnant that my mother was getting rid of in a fabric purge. Perhaps I will wear it on our 10th anniversary later this month. I only wish that my photo could capture the colours more accurately.

3 thoughts on “A Dove and an Anniversary Scarf

  1. Claire – I love how you’ve coloured the fabric – and you used Derwent water colour pencils for this? Often in your posts you add little details like this and I think – wow! this is a home full of artistry! Your little dove is so sweet – and such a similar technique to what I’ve been doing this week, that I just had to pop over to Lynette Anderson and have a squiz – and I think I may join in! Hope your arm is feeling better soon – chronic pain can be quite depressing as well as painful – so I hope your spirits are given plenty of lifts today too! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lily.

    The pencils that I use are “Derwent Artists” – not the watercolours. The “Artists” pencils are a little waxy, (which is good). I also use the kid’s “Crayola Twistables” which are thin crayons housed in a plastic sleeve that you twist up.

    I have been using the pencils for years, mainly on cloth doll faces instead of make-up for the cheeks etc. I saw that Christine Book was using them as well, in an issue of Homespun Magazine (no.36 Vol.7 No.4) and she talked about setting the crayons by ironing out the wax. Now I colour and press with a hot dry iron, face down on some paper towel, before I sew. I like the pencils because of the colour choices (I originally had 72, back in the 80’s when I was given them) but my favourites are now about 4 or 5 cm long. It might be time to get a new set! Anyway have a try, it’s really fun.

    Today my arm is not too bad, but flares up when I use it, so I am trying to rest it when I can. I had not tested it with some handsewing and just really wanted a tiny project to give it a go. It is a problem with the nerve that you hit when you hit your “funny bone”, and that it what it feels like. Not exactly pain, but very uncomfortable, especailly at night when I am trying to sleep.

    I love that Lynette is giving these stitchery patterns away monthly, so that you can join in and look at what other people are up to with their animals.

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