An accident and some aprons.

Rory’s chipped teethThis morning Rory managed to have a trampoline accident without even being on it – he ran into it, chipping his two front teeth on the metal surrounds.

They don’t look as bad in this photo, I did not want to torment him getting a better shot.

His top-right big tooth has also descended a bit and is quite loose. The dentist was not sure if he would loose it as a result. If he is anything like his older sister, he is not due to loose it for another two years, so I am hoping it will hang in there.

Thank goodness they were not adult teeth!

The whole thing was quite scary and dramatic – lots of blood, but the outcome is much better than it first appeared. When I ran out, to the sound of his screams, and saw him lying on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth, I wasn’t sure if I would need to call an ambulance, and sent Amelia straight in to get the phone.

Amelia and Michaela in aprons

Rory in his Apron

On a lighter note, Rory has been invited to two birthday parties at the end of the school holidays, and I am wondering about gifts. I have often made aprons as presents for children. I have enquired, and at least one of the boys in questioned does not like to cook, so I need a new idea.

Last night Luke made fresh pasta with the kids.

The girls let me take a photo of them in their aprons, but this one of Rory was taken about 7 months ago. I have made about 20 of these all up, and each one is different.

My fallback present will be a book.

What would you give to a 6 year old boy?

2 thoughts on “An accident and some aprons.

  1. Hi Claire! Thanks for your comment on my blog – how funny that we recognise each other by such little words 🙂 Yesterday I talked “handbags” with a woman in the USA – I’m sure she’ll wonder – and just this morning I commented on someone’s “biscuits” – well she’ll think I’m a nong because clearly she didn’t make “scones”! When your blog came up and I saw those matching pegs – I laughed out loud! I cannot bear to hang the washing up with mis-matched pegs – when I hung out my nanny’s washing last week, she and grandad just stood and shook their heads in dismay as I hunted about to match the pegs! The things we do! Birthday presents for 6 year old boys – I’ve had success with Papo figures – knights, pirates, etc. and you can buy three for the price of a book – and I make a little draw string bag to keep them in – just a paper bag top with an open side seam. If I *really* like the child, I have made patchwork cushions with a felt applique – pirate face or fire breathing dragon – in appropriately *boyish* fabric with their name embroidered on it to put on their bed – this has worked well when the child has had an unusually spelled name and can therefore not find anything personalised. Good luck! And glad your little one survived his trampoline collision relatively unscathed!

  2. Hi Claire,
    Well we have been out of touch, children dramas! Great to see your awesome website, it is incredible to see your creativity displayed in this professional way. I’m so proud of how you just keep on producing, even when in pain…not to mention admire with jealousy.

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